Card game concept

My roll

UI, UX, illustrations

The Brief

Develop an engaging and accessible deck building game that is enjoyable for individuals of all ages, while also featuring a distinctive and original concept that sets it apart from other games in the genre.

The Solution

Creating a coulourful and well designed game about making new friends with an easy accesible matching website that explanis the rules of the game in both text and video.

Making friends

The game is based of other well known card games, like "Star Realms” and ”Löjliga Familjerna”, but twisted into a new, exciting and easier way to play. To win you need to collect friends with different abilities and strength and be the one who gets to a hundred love points first, or lower you opponents love score to zero.

The design is colorful and a bit subtle. I wanted to bring out the feeling of a coffee table book, but make it a game. By using a clean and geometric look for the back of the cards and a more entertaining and joyful design on the front.

Game creating
Website building

The game

The design

The side note

The process

I began this process with  extensive research for three weeks and conducting numerous interviews to gain a thorough understanding of potential challenges and issues in card games, as well as effective strategies for addressing them. I worked with various design thinking methodologies, like the double diamond approach and iterated multiple times to refine both the game and website.

In the research I discovered that one of the primary challenges players face when learning a new game is understanding and locating the rules. To address this issue, I developed a website that features the game's rulebook and an animated video tutorial of how to play the game. This provides a more pedagogical presentation of how the game works and by providing easy access to the rules, players can learn the game quickly and easily.

In terms of design, I aimed to create a website that felt more like a poster than a traditional website. It needed to be user-friendly for players seeking the rules, while also serving as an advertisement for those who haven't yet played the game. To convey the game's atmosphere and emotions, I designed an entertaining and chaotic website layout featuring cards scattered all over the place. But at the same time the website is held together by a red line and uses a lot of contrast in typography, making it both visually appealing and informative.

This is my passion project, my little baby. It is still a work in progress since I  need to design a significant number of cards to make it engaging and fun to play, but my ultimate goal is to get it printed and be able to play it in real life on day.