Communication concept and social media ads

My roll

Concept, illustrations and motion design

The Brief

Create a captivating communication concept for Triumf Glass latest and greatest creation, Nötcréme – a delectable hazelnut ice cream that's sure to make taste buds dance with delight. The concept should be suited for digital advertising across social media platforms such as; Intagram, TikTok and Facebook.


Fia Schelander and Flora Bernhardsson

The Solution

Bringing this heavenly ice cream to life with eye-catching animated films and still imagery that captures the essence of Triumf's brand. We developed a concept that ties together ice cream with Pritzel’s wonderful creation Nötcréme in a cohesive and memorable way, and it will be perfectly suited for digital advertising across social media platforms.  It creates  excitement and curiosity in our audience, prompting them to give Nötcréme a try and indulge in its creamy goodness.

Triumf glass x Nötcrème


The process

This project started off with my team coming up with a concept - the idea that Nötcrème is a constant in life. No matter what generation you ask, people have nostalgic memories of the candy from when they were kids. And we really wanted to capture that feeling of timelessness in our campaign. The concept sould show how Nötcrème's staying power over time, with kids playing sports and snacking on the spread.

Once we had the concept locked in, it was my turn to start visualize the concept with help from the creative strategist. I wanted to create an animated video that played off the idea of posters being plastered all over town, in all the places where young kids usually eat nötcrème - like skate parks, basketball courts, and swimming pools. The posters tease the imminent arrival of the Nötcrème ice cream, building anticipation until finally, we reveal the goods in all their creamy, nutty glory.To bring everything to life, I put together a mood board, storyboarded the animation, and created illustrations. Then, I animated two different-length films and produced still images that captured the essence of our concept.