Create the user interface for the pirr app

My roll

UI and UX design

The Brief

Create a visually appealing UI that make Pirr's users feel sensual and excited while using the app. Also develop a well-functioning user experience and contribute to breaking down stigma by designing an app that is safe and exciting for people with different preferences.

The team

Elsa Ivarsson, Johanna Øien, Hanna Chronholm and Flora Bernhardsson

The Solution

Pirr's users deserve an app experience that is both visually stunning and thrilling. Therefore we carefully selected  a dark, sensual, discreet and heated UI for Pirr's exciting product,  to really evoke a sense of sensuality and excitement. We created a safe and exciting space for users with different preferences, by prioritizing inclusivity, privacy, safety, and education in our design.


App design

The process

PIRR is an app that provides AI-generated erotica for young women and non-binary individuals, challenging the stigma around female and non-binary desire. The shared vision of our team and client, Pirr, is to empower women and non-binary individuals to take control of their bodies and desires. Through the use of AI, users can create erotic and exciting content.

We began the process with market research and competitor analysis and quickly realized the high demand for products that promote a healthy view of desire. Pirr's app is perfectly timed to meet this need, and we gained valuable insights about our target audience in the reseach phase.

One unique function of Pirr is the ability to write together with AI, which is very exciting. We conducted various tests based on Pirr's sketches to ensure the app's functionality was working correctly, receiving inputs, and iterating.

We also designed a dark, sensual, and heated UI for Pirr's exciting product, including spicy black and white images and  a consistent symbol library with thin lines. Our color palette includes a mysterious black, shades of apricot, and white details to create a discret enviroment.  The typeface is easy to read, modern and clean, and is available in multiple weights, making it highly flexible.